Question: Can you reverse a purchase order while the cancel process is pending and change it back to approved?
Answer: No, unfortunately the cancel process is not reversible. You will need to create a new purchase order by copying from the canceled one.

Questions: Once a purchase order has been pushed back to the Approver 1, how can I get it rerouted once corrected?Answer: Once the purchase order has been corrected, it needs to go to the Approver 1 again for approval. Once they approve it, the purchase order routes to the Approver 2 for their review and approval.

Question: If a purchase order is pushed back, and the denial reason/requested change is not related to price/quantity, what is the process to restart the approval process?
Answer: You can restart the approval process by making the requested updates to the purchase order and following the FI$Bot instructions below.

FI$Bot Instructions