The Department of FISCal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in April 2021 (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers):

Req to Check (AP, PO, Asset Management, Procurement)

  • Created Payables WorkCenter as follows:
    • Create 12 new pages
    • Configure 15 existing pages
    • Create 1 new dashboard
    • Configure 11 existing queries
    • Configure 15 existing reports
    Granted security to the Payables WorkCenter to 49 roles and 11 permission lists.
    Datamover script to migrate Payables WorkCenter configuration. (CS0155824)
  • Created Asset Management (AM) WorkCenter as follows:
    • Create 8 new pages
    • Configure 14 existing pages
    • Create 1 new dashboard
    • Configure 4 existing queries
    • Configure 5 existing reports
    Datamover script to migrate the Asset Management (AM) WorkCenter configuration (CS0219600)
  • Granted security to the Asset Management (AM) WorkCenter provided to 11 roles and 8 permission lists (CS0219600)
  • Updated EXTAP096 to consider PO status and PO line status when closing vouchers. If the PO, PO line or PO distribution line are in closed status, they will not be able to close the voucher until the PO is reopened. (CS0252031)
  • Code changed to add the new columns (Enactment Year, Fund Code, Approp Ref) to the Asset Audit Report. (CS0251699)
  • 1) Created a new payment term (6D)
    2) Added checkbox to flag the voucher as eligible for expedited payment
    3) Created a link and pop-up expedite options page for department to complete and update
    4) New Expedite checkbox on approval page to identify voucher as expedite for approvers.
    5) Updated AP Approver Certification to have them acknowledge and agree to the fee charged for the expedite service (CS0161666)
  • Updated the current Expedite Billing Reports to report on the new expedite process.
    2) Created a new departmental Expedite Billing report.
    3) Updates to the pre-payment audit approval report. (CS0161666)

Record to Report (General Ledger, Labor Distribution, KK (commitment control)

  • 1) Code changed to include Adjustment Period 998 on MEC Dashboard, MEC Status Page, MEC Task Load (ZZ_MEC_LOAD) and MEC System Update (ZZ_GL_YERCLS)
    2) Created PS Query (ZZ_RECBYFUND_QRY) for Fund Reconciliation Status by Business Unit, Fiscal year and Accounting Period
    3) Added ZZ_RECFUND_TBL to the query tree under custom access group and granted security to 12 roles and permission lists.
    4) Updated MEC Task Setup to include period 998 (Script included in PHIRE) (CS0248745)