The FI$Cal Service Center reached some key milestones last year, including a long-sought major reduction in the number of outstanding tickets.

That occurred in October, which met an FSC goal to get the active ticket count under 1,000, excluding enhancements and tickets awaiting status. The FSC managed to cut the ticket count by half in 2019 and closed 75 percent of all tickets in five days or less.

Last year also saw the successful launch of automation tools to enhance client experiences and self-service capabilities. By October, the FSC Level 1 team delivered several departmental and executive dashboards. These tools provided enhanced reporting metrics and analytics for departments and assisted them with monitoring all of their tickets via the ServiceNow Dashboard.

Additionally, the FSC implemented an option that allows users to reset their own passwords, even if their accounts are locked. They simply need to navigate to the “Access FI$Cal” page, enter their email address, click “Forgot my Password” and await a code in their email.

In other areas of automation, the FSC assisted with requirements gathering and testing for FI$Bot and launched several new tools and processes. These included the MEC Automation Tool, MEC SCO Future Period robotic process automation (RPA), Area ID RPA, Deposit Clean-up RPA, department logo and signature automation and an interface solution to enable the system to accept daily U.S. Bank file processing.

The FSC continues explore and develop innovative solutions to help system users.