Centralized Vendor Management

The Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) Project is implementing a statewide system for the State of California in the areas of budgeting, accounting, procurement, and cash management. The Project is implementing FI$Cal by waves (Wave implementation each July through 2017). Wave 1 implementation occurred July 1, 2014, and Wave 2 implementation is scheduled for July and December 2015. Included in FI$Cal is the creation and maintenance of a centralized Vendor Management File.

Payee Data Record (STD 204) submission

A Payee Data Record (STD 204) is required for each vendor conducting business with or receiving payment from the State of California. With the new statewide System, FI$Cal will now be responsible for centrally maintaining these documents. Therefore, to ensure FI$Cal has the most current and accurate information, we are requesting vendors provide a new STD 204. Purchase Orders, contract documents, and payments cannot be generated for Wave 1 departments without a STD 204 on file. Departments that are not a part of Wave 1 will still need to have a STD 204 on file; therefore you will continue to provide those departments a STD 204 when requested.

Important STD 204 Submittal Information

  • Prior to submission, review your STD 204 for completeness and required
  • The Payee’s name must match the Taxpayer Identification Number (relevant Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number) as filed with the Federal Internal Revenue Service.
  • If you are a business that has one or more DBA (“Doing Business As”) Name(s) and they all share the same TIN, you may submit one STD 204. Specify the parent company and list all of the associated DBAs and their addresses. Include a separate page if necessary.
    • Example: ABC Inc. DBA John’s Auto Parts, 123 Main St, Anywhere, CA 12345
  • If you are an organization that has multiple TINs for the same company, you must submit a STD 204 for each unique TIN.
  • For all STD 204 submittals, list any additional addresses on a separate page. Include:
    • The location’s description (for example, Headquarters, Accounting, etc.) and
    • The complete address (Street or PO Box, City, State, Zip Code
  • FI$Cal also has the ability to send electronic purchase orders from all FI$Cal Departments, If you prefer to receive electronic purchase orders, please specify each applicable location, location’s description, address, and email.
  • The signature must be handwritten and not imprinted with a manufactured device (for example, a rubber stamp or scripted software font, etc.). Since scanned electronic versions of the STD 204 are being accepted, for State auditing purposes you must be able to produce the original paper STD 204 with your original signature if it is ever requested in the future.
  • Incomplete or invalid STD 204s will not be accepted.
  • Please note that the STD 204 submission process may change as different Project events occur.

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