The Department of FISCal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in August 2020 (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers):

Record to Report: (General Ledger, Labor Distribution, KK)

  • Created a new Configuration Page (ZZ_CUS_JNL_EXP_PG) to maintain the Validation Severity (Error or Warning) based on the combination of Journal Source and System Source. When a 4 Series Account Code with inaccurate Commitment Control Amount Type field is used on Journal lines, code is updated to trigger an Error or Warning based on Configuration. Access to Configuration page is given to Z_CNTRL_GL_CFG_MAINT. (CS0221985)
  • Customized the GL Work Center to create 11 new pages, configure 24 existing pages, create one new dashboard, configure 15 existing queries and configure 15 existing reports.
    Also enabled access to the Configuration page for the Z_CNTRL_GL_CFG_MAINT role. The initial configurations are migrated using a DMS script. (CS0155824)

Order to Cash: (AR, Billing, Cash Management)

  • Modified code to add validations to check for Date field formatting issues in the INFAR006 Input file and log it in the error file and continue processing the next items in the file. (CS0236446)
  • Modified code to add validations to check for Date and Amount field formatting in the INFAR018 Input file and log it in the error file if there are any issues and continue with the next item in the file. (CS0236446)
  • Created a new report (ZZ_CM_CSHRPT – Pending Cash report) to display transactions that are causing pending cash balances. (CS0218999)