The Department of FISCal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in August and September (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers)

General Ledger

Request: CS0278498

Request to update the permission list Z_DEPT_GL_CONSL_FUND_VIEWER to allow view access for Department General Ledger (GL) Consolidated Fund Viewer Secondary ID. This update allows users to view “Budget Details” in order for departments to check their Cash Validation (CV) Balances and resolve and CV/ Cash Validation Appropriation Control (CVAC) items. As a result of CV/CVAC implementation, departments could view available cash balances in the CV ledger under statewide Business Unit (BU) 0000.

Request to query view access to the Query ‘DFQ_GL_01_Journal_Detail.’

EPIC 74411/ Related to Security CR013392


Updated Permission List Z_DEPT_GL_CONSL_FUND_VIEWER with access to pages:

  • FI$Cal Report -> GL Reports -> Cash Validation Exception Rpt
  • Commitment Control -> Review Budget Activities -> Budget Details
  • Commitment Control -> Review Budget Activities -> Budget Overview
  • FI$Cal Processes -> FI$Cal Extension -> Sub-System Accounting Entries

Access Groups:

Updated the Permission List with Non-Confidential access groups ZZ_CA_NCONF_DATA_CU, ZZ_CA_AR_PS and ZZ_CA_PO_PS, as required.

 Request: CS0294385

Request to disable Budget Check hyperlink for CVAC exceptions from Review Budget Exceptions page.

Navigation: Main Menu > Commitment Control > Review Budget Check Exceptions > Budget Exceptions
Related Security CR# CR013286


Modified PeopleCode on Budget Exceptions page and created a new configuration page CV/CVAC Budget Review Option. Combination of Ledger group and KK Source Transaction will determine whether Budget Check button should be displayed or enabled.

  • DMS Script will configure the CV/CVAC Ledgers in CV/CVAC Budget Review Option page
  • DMS Script will configure the CV/CVAC KK Source Transactions in CV/CVAC Budget Review Option page

Request: CS0273715

Cash Validation Exception Report needs to include any CV exception related to Agency Checks recorded as External Transactions.

Cash Basis Transaction report and Cash Basis Recon report needs to be modified to include Agency Checks recorded as External Transactions.


Modified the Cash Validation Exception Report ZZ_GL_CEXRPT to include changes for Treasury Accounting.

Modified the Cash Basis Recon report ZZ_GL_CBRC and the Cash Basis Transaction report ZZ_GL_CRCP to include changes for Treasury Accounting.

The following scripts will also be migrated with these CRs:

  • Strings configuration added for CV Exception report
  • Strings configuration added for CB Source Record configuration

Request: CS0261969

There is a business need for FI$Cal departments to load in bulk SpeedType values in the FI$Cal system using an upload process to reduce possible errors. The SpeedType configuration value is used for populating accounting information for the transactions within the PeopleSoft General Ledger and AR Modules.

Security CR012836 is related to this CR.


Created an inbound interface (INFGL154) that will be used by FI$Cal departments to load SpeedType configuration values into the FI$Cal system in a standardized format. It can reduce error occurrence and make process more productive.

Request: CS0261969

Security CR012836 request to add the Z_DEPT_GL_COA_MAINT permission list to have access to SpeedTypes run control page.

Speedtype CR012881 is related to this CR.


Z_DEPT_GL_COA_MAINT permission list have the access to run speedtypes upload. Permission list associated roles as follows:


Labor Distribution

 Request: CS0100766

There is a business need for FI$Cal departments to run an accounting entries report. The purpose of this Business Inteligence (BI) Publisher report is to see accounting entries generated by the Labor Distribution process. This report displays accounting entries for a user specified search criteria.

Security CR012786 is related to this CR.


Created the BI Publisher report that will be used by FI$Cal departments to run for accounting entries generated by the Labor Distribution process.

Request: CS0100766

Security CR012786 requests to add the following roles/permission list Z_CNTRL_GL_LD_PROC and  Z_DEPT_GL_LD_PROC to LD Accounting Entries Run Control page.


As requested, this page has granted the access to the following permission list/roles Z_CNTRL_GL_LD_PROC and  Z_DEPT_GL_LD_PROC. The permission list Z_DEPT_GL_LD_PROC associated roles are as follows: Z_DEPT_GL_LD_PROC and Z_LD_PROCESSOR.

 Accounts Payable

 Request: CS0268586

Request to restrict users from being able to close or cancel payment for regular and single pay voucher Office Revolving Fund (ORF) advances when they have a replenishment balance.


An error message will display when users try to close an ORF voucher or cancel an ORF payment when there is a replenishment balance.

 Request: CS0280760

Request to modify existing Voucher Error & Status Report (RPTAP103) to provide Payment on Hold details.


Modified the Voucher Error and Status Report Run Control page with two radio options:

  • Voucher Error & Status Type
  • Payment on Hold

Modified the AE program to run Voucher Error and Status Report when Payment on Hold radio option is selected to generate new report layout to provide Payment on hold detail on report output.

 Request: CS0135622

Enhance CalATERS interface INFAP012 & INFAP003 to:

  • Budget Check CalATERS Expenditure transactions (INFAP012) before recording Payments. (Epic 39952)
  • Enable the INFAP012 interface to map the travel advance recovery data with the payment data when recording payments on expenditure voucher. (Epic 39952)
  • Prevent processing of transactions related to BU 0000. (Epic 39952)
  • Generate an email with Summary and Error log file for CalATERS interface. (Epic 69188)
  • Allow default values for project and activity if these values are blank in INFAP012 file for departments. (Epic 60902)
  • Derive budget date from budget attribute. (Epic 60902)
  • Create new tables in FI$Cal that will store FI$Cal data from the inbound State Controller’s Office CalATERS files for analysis and reporting purposes. (Epic 39952)


Updated INFAP012 & INFAP003 App Engine process to meet the requirements as per Epic 39952, 60902, 69188.

  • CalATERS file config data.
  • Created an email template to send notification.


Request: CS0275974

Request to create a new outbound interface to support Department of General Services (DGS) Office of Small and Disabled Veteran Services (OSDS), Small Business (SB)/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Registry program. The interface file will contain DGS OSDS requested fields. DGS will utilize the file to update DGS SB/DVBE Registry database.

Related to Security CR012994


The new Interface fill will:

  • Include 5 columns of certification fields identified in Functional Design
  • Include a header row identifying the names of each column of data
  • Be placed in the outgoing DGS “Agency” folder in secure shell file transfer protocol

 All Modules

Request: CS0267082

Request to add Estimated Plan of Financial Adjustment (PFA) Reversal Query during GL Close when departments run the Month End Close Automation Process for Asset Management (AM)/GL and GL.

Related to Security CR013422


Created the new query as ZZ_GL_12_PFA_ESTIMATED_MEC and ZZ_GL_12_PFA_SUM_MEC and added new query in the AM/GL and GL Close Process.