Jennifer Maguire

Jennifer MaguireChief Deputy Director

Jennifer Maguire was promoted to Chief Deputy Director of FI$Cal on December 3, 2021. Previously she served as FI$Cal’s Administrative Services Division’s deputy director for nine years.

During her tenure, Jennifer played key roles in driving and leading organizational change and administrative approaches. She led the administrative transition of FI$Cal from a project to a department, which included the development of all of FI$Cal’s policies and procedures. She also created the department’s accounting shop from whole cloth and implemented the department’s telework program.

Prior to joining FI$Cal, Jennifer served in multiple capacities during two decades of State service in the financial and administrative fields. Her most recent assignment prior to FI$Cal was serving as the Budget Officer for the Department of Justice.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with a concentration in Research Methodology from California State University, Sacramento.