How to Prepare a Job Application Package

CalHR provides a job application package checklist which can be found on CalCareers in the Additional Documents section of the job posting.

This lists the required documents that you must submit when applying for a job on CalCareers. Please note that every job application package may request different required documents [e.g. resume, cover letter, Statement of Qualifications (SOQ), transcripts or copy of diploma, or an Employment Application Form (STD 678)]. Each job opportunity listed on CalCareers will have specific requirements for the job application package. This will differ depending on the position and classification. To be considered for the position you are applying for, you must include all the required documents listed on the job application package checklist.

What is normally required in a job application package?

An Employment Application Form (STD 678) and resume will be the most common requirements for an application package. However, some other documents may be required, such as an SOQ, cover letter, a typing certificate, or a copy of your degree.

What is always required in a job application package?

  • STD 678

What are additional common components of a job application package?

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • SOQ
  • Supplemental documentation (certificates, degrees, official transcripts, licenses, etc.), usually listed as “other” in the checklist.

Please remember that in order to have your application considered, you must include all the required documents listed in the job advertisement in your application package.

Where Can I Find Additional Resources?

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