Allow users to access FI$Cal subject matter expert (SME) directly via phone or chat.


  • More knowledge of FI$Cal and database resources
  • Customer satisfaction


A process to provide FI$Cal customers with direct access to a SME:

  • Step 1: Customer contacts FI$Cal via phone or chat
  • Step 2: FI$Cal Level 1 analyst (“Knowledge Smart Router”) asks questions to understand and narrow down the topic/support needed
  • Step 3: FI$Cal Level 1 analyst (“Knowledge Smart Router”) assigns customer to the correct module SME
  • Step 4: Customer works directly with SME to resolve topic; SME also provides resources such as job aids or videos
  • Step 5a: If SME provides a solution, the customer receives a follow-up call to make sure the solution was successful and the response is recorded in a searchable database
  • Step 5b: If SME cannot provide a solution, the topic is escalated and a timeline is communicated to the customer


  • Completed Pilot with Department of General Services and Judicial Council on June 17, 2019; captured customer recommendations as lessons learned
  • Launched FI$Chat to all departments on July 24, 2019
  • Published FI$Chat¬†article in the FI$Cal Newsletter on July 26, 2019