FISCal Annual Employee Survey Results

One of FISCal’s strategic goals is the be the employer of choice. To help achieve that goal, every year FISCal conducts an Employee Engagement Survey. The survey is an opportunity for employees to provide feedback on a variety of topics that are not measurable by other means – job satisfaction, supervisor support, support for career building, the impact of telework on your work/life balance, and many others. Our objective is to look at how invested our employees are in our department, factoring in the whole span of their day-to-day working life.

Responses are analyzed and discussed at the executive management level, highlights are shared in an All Staff meeting, and beginning in 2022, full results will be posted to our intranet for all staff to view responses over the years.

We encourage you to review the questions and results over time, and urge all staff to participate in every survey. Results from this survey help our leadership make investments that will lead to growth. The information captured is representative of those who participate, and your opinion matters!!

All Questions Compared

The first graph takes the value of the average answer for each question (where “Strongly Agree” or “Very satisfied” = 5, “Agree” or “Satisfied” = 4, etc.) and plots them from highest to lowest in 2021. So employees are most positive about the questions at the top and least positive about the questions at the bottom. (Though even for the least positive questions the average is over 3, meaning more positive than negative.)

The blue dots show the 2021 average for each question, and the gray dots show the 2020 average so you can see the change from the previous year.

Individual Question Changes Over Time

The remaining graphs show changes in employee responses for each of the survey questions over time.

Question 1: The people I work with cooperate to get the job done

Question 2: I am given a real opportunity to improve my skills in my organization

Question 3: My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment

Question 4: I like the kind of work I do

Question 5: I have trust and confidence in my supervisor

Question 6: Overall, my immediate supervisor/team leader does a great job

Question 7: The workforce has the job-relevant knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish organizational goals

Question 8: My work unit is able to recruit people with the right skills

Question 9: I know how my work relates to the organization’s goals and priorities

Question 10: The work I do is important

Question 11: Supervisors/team leaders in my work unit support employee development

Question 12: My talents are used well in the workplace

Question 13: My training needs are assessed

Question 14: My department is clear on telework expectations

This question was first asked in 2020.

Question 15: I prefer a telework envionment over and office work environment

This question was first asked in 2020.

Question 16: Telecommuting has helped me spend more time on my work objectives and tasks

This question was first asked in 2020.

Question 17: My quality of life has improved since I started Telecommuting

This question was first asked in 2020.