Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides governance for the FI$Cal Project. The roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

Purpose of the Steering Committee

  • Provide statewide leadership and support for the project
  • Establish project goals and priorities
  • Participate in coordination and allocation of departmental and project resources
  • Review and approve actions by the Change Control Board
  • Support the project by communicating the vision externally from the project and working to reduce barriers and mitigating risk
  • Facilitate the interdepartmental collaboration of a statewide system
  • Provide risk and issue resolution across agencies
  • Provide advice regarding consistency with statewide strategies, direction and policies
  • Adhere to the FI$Cal Steering Committee Principles as adopted by the membership

 Steering Committee Members

  • Richard Gillihan, Department of Finance, Project Sponsor
  • Russell Fong, State Controller’s Office
  • Kathleen Webb, State Controller’s Office
  • Angela Shell, Department of General Services
  • Katherine Minnich, Department of General Services
  • Andre Rivera, State Treasurer’s Office
  • Larry Satter, Department of Finance
  • Jennifer Whitaker, Department of Finance
  • Jody Lusby, Chair, Customer Impact Committee