University of FI$Cal


University of FI$Cal is a learning management system that offers year-round training in the FI$Cal system. Formerly known as the FI$Cal Training Academy, UF offers 2017 and 2018 Release onboarding training as well as a progressive certification program in eight modules of functionality.

The new certification program allows FI$Cal end users to take training and build skills beyond what is required for their assigned roles.

We encourage 2017 and 2018 Release users to complete their required onboarding training before enrolling in the UF progressive certification program. All training required for onboarding is transferable for UF certification credit.

The UF provides many resources in one location, including:

  • Instructor-led and Web-based course information and curriculum
  • User Productivity Kit (UPK) Job Aids - step-by-step instructions for completing FI$Cal transactions
  • Training history
  • Course evaluations

Earn Your University of FI$Cal Certificates

End users may take courses outside of the required onboarding training in any of eight functional areas: Solicitations & Contracts; Purchasing; Asset Management; Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable/Billing; Cash Management; Projects, Grants & Contracts; and General Ledger. Both Bronze and Silver Level Certifications are available.

Bronze: Indicates individual has completed basic level of training required to transact in the system.

Silver: Individual has completed Bronze level coursework and Silver level coursework to complete more complex transactions in the system.

Gold: Individual has completed Bronze and Silver level coursework and has passed a functional exam. Gold level certification will be available for enrollment in 2018.

We look forward to your participation in the UF. If you have questions, please send an email to with the subject line of "UF."

Disclaimer: Please note that a course completion certificate or job profile completion certificate issued from the University of FI$Cal represents solely that the employee has completed the respective coursework indicated.

* UF is limited to authorized users.