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Cal eProcure Vendor Training

FI$Cal is now offering online training for bidder and supplier activities in Cal eProcure ( Cal eProcure is the new vendor portal that will be replacing BidSync in December 2015.

FI$Cal uses the Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) as its training delivery system. Oracle UPK is an interactive learning tool which provides simulated system transactions and guided instruction. To achieve this, UPK offers several different training modes to help users understand the FI$Cal System. These modes include "See It!", "Try It!", "Know It?", and "Print It!"

See It! – Provides a view-only simulated transaction that guides users through business scenarios. Each screen displays for five seconds before automatically advancing to the next screen.  Users have the option to pause each screen and advance to the next one by pressing the Enter key on their computer keyboard.

Try It! – Provides hands-on, interactive activities that prompt end users through a guided practice of a simulated business process captured in the Cal eProcure environment.

Know It? – Provides a self-check, and requires users to complete the simulated process without guidance, or offering hints if necessary.

Print It! – A step-by-step job aid of the UPK transaction (without screen shots). Published as a PDF document, it may be printed and saved for later use.

Technical Requirements for Oracle UPK

Oracle UPK is designed to function best with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 8-11 or Firefox 17, although other web browsers and Windows versions may perform acceptably. Please note that Internet Explorer is the recommended web browser.


Course Title        

FI$Cal for Bidders and Suppliers

Viewing public solicitation events
Registering as a bidder
Registering as an eSupplier
Searching for purchase documents as an eSupplier
Viewing event invitations
Post and View Vendor Ads
Applying for SB/DVBE Certification
Searching for SB and DVBEs
Searching for LPAs


Section 508 Compliant Version of Training