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Procurement - PO Job Aids

NOTE: The Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) FI$Cal Job Aids are located on the DGS Buying Green Webpage at:$Cal.aspx.


Job Aid Job Aid Description Job Aid # Posted / Updated

PO Reports Within the FI$Cal System 3.0

PO Report ID Matrix FI$Cal.080 06/01/2017
Adding Freight Charges to a Purchase Order at Line Level 1.0 Provides buyers with instructions on how to properly add freight to a purchase order at line level for an item or the entire Purchase Order (PO). FI$Cal.330 01/12/2017

Adding Sales Tax for One-Time Ship-To Address on Purchase Orders 2.0

Provides FI$Cal Buyers the instructions for adding or changing Sales Tax charged to a line item based on a one-time ship-to address on purchase orders. FI$Cal.083 12/28/2016
Adding Sales Tax for Out of State Ship To Locations on Purchase Orders 1.0 Provides FI$Cal Buyers Adding Sales Tax for Out of State Ship To Locations on Purchase Orders. FI$Cal.081 07/10/2014
Amending a Purchase Order that has a Closed Accounting Period Instruct users on how to amend a purchase order that has a closed accounting period. FI$Cal.303 07/28/2016

Approval Role Access to Attachments 2.0

Provides Requisition and Purchase Order Approvers information on how to view an attachment prior to approval. FI$Cal.115 08/26/2016

Buyer’s Guide to Fleet Asset Purchases 2.0

Provides Buyers guidance on creating a purchase order for fleet assets. FI$Cal.285 08/31/2016
Change Order for PO 1.0 Provides the user with instructions on how to create a change order for a dispatched PO. FI$Cal.290 04/20/2016

Changing the Attention To (Ship To) Name on Requisitions and Purchase Orders 2.0

Provides FI$Cal Buyers and Requisitioners the instructions for changing the Attention To (Ship To) name on Requisitions and Purchase Orders (POs) at the Header and Line Levels. FI$Cal.045 12/13/2016
Closing a Purchase Order (PO) to Release Encumbrance Balances 1.0 Provide Department Buyers with instructions on how to close qualifying Purchase Orders that no longer need to be modified through the Buyer�s WorkBench to release encumbrance balances. FI$Cal.243 04/15/2015
Correctly Classifying Items as Assets in FI$Cal 1.0 Provides instructions for classifying items as assets on a Requisition or Purchase Order. FI$Cal.002 09/04/2014

Create an Encumbrance Only Purchase Order 4.0

Provides the Accounting Office instructions on how to create an Encumbrance Only Purchase Order (PO) to encumber funds for a non-procurement related transaction. FI$Cal.263 03/24/2017
Create Discounted PO Provides the Department Buyer with instructions on how to enter a Purchase Order (PO) that reflects first the total dollar amount, the discounted amount, and the tax of the total prior to discount. This purchase order will not cover all details involved in creating a purchase order. FI$Cal.051 11/04/2016
Creating a Cardholder Profile and Adding Designated Departmental Proxies 1.0 Provides Department P-Card Maintainer with instructions on how to create a P-Card cardholder profile and add the designated departmental proxies in FI$Cal. FI$Cal.282 09/10/2015
Creating a Purchase Order (PO) with P-Card as the Payment Method and Dispatching PO 1.0 Purpose of this supplemental job aid is to identify the steps for creating a PO with P-Card as the payment method and dispatching the PO in FI$Cal. FI$Cal.159 07/15/2014
Dispatch Purchase Order using One-Time Fax Number 1.0 Provides the Department Buyer instructions on how to dispatch the Purchase Order using One-Time Fax Number. FI$Cal.280 08/14/2015

Equipment Purchase Order with Multi-Year Maintenance Service Agreements 3.0

Instructs Procurement Contract Users on how to set up a multiple fiscal year equipmet contract from a Leveraged Procurement Agreement (LPA). Also provides the steps PO Buyers/Department PO Buyers should perform to create a purchase order (PO) from that procurement contract. FI$Cal.052 06/01/2017
How to Create an RTV for Multiple PO Distribution Lines 1.0 Provides the Department RTV Processor the instructions to complete a split-distribution return to vendor transaction. FI$Cal.053 07/01/2014
Modifying the Account and Alt Acct of a PO 1.0 Provides the instructions for modifying the Account and Alternate Account (Alt Acct) values of an existing Purchase Order (PO). FI$Cal.204 08/27/2014

Multiple Funding Distributions on PO 1.0

Provides the user with the essential instructions on how to divide the funding distribution on a Purchase Order (PO) so payment will match and reconcile to the PO. FI$Cal.295 09/27/2016

P-Card Transaction Reconciliation Process in FI$Cal 3.0

Identifies the steps for reconciling P-Card transactions in FI$Cal; the required fields when a PO exists and is linked to P-Card transactions; the required fields when a PO does not exist and is not linked to P-Card transactions. FI$Cal.167 05/01/2017
PO Disposition Details Report 1.0 Provides the user with instructions on how to generate a PO disposition details report for a specific business unit within a defined timeframe. FI$Cal.291 04/20/2016

Procurement (PO) Frequently Asked Questions 2.0

Provides Procurement staff a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)�s in Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receiving and P-Cards. FI$Cal.190 08/18/2016

Procurement Icon Legend 2.0

Provides Procurement Buyers and Approvers the names and visual image of icons frequently used in eProcurement, Purchasing, Sourcing, and Contracts modules. FI$Cal.331 03/10/2017
Purchase Order (PO) to Accounts Payable (AP) to Asset Management (AM) for Capital Asset 1.0 Provides users with instructions needed to:

• set up a PO that assigns one Asset ID to multiple distribution lines
• show how to relate and tie the distribution lines on the Receipt and the Asset ID
• follow through with the voucher (payment) in AP
• show the asset integrated to the AM module

FI$Cal.246 06/01/2015
Returning Items with Restocking Fee 1.0 Provide instructions on how to enter the restocking fee that may apply to an RTV if the product is no longer wanted after it has been delivered. FI$Cal.308 07/29/2016
Telecom Form STD 20 1.0 Provide the Requisition Processor and PO Processor the instructions for the use of the Acquisition Type titled Telecom and the Telecommunications Service Request (STD 20). FI$Cal.304 07/20/2016
Update a Closed Accounting Period Purchase Order (PO) 1.0 Provides Department Buyers with instructions on how to modify a Purchase Order that has Accounting Date in a Closed period. FI$Cal.247 05/05/2015
Updating Requisition Line Ship To and Attention To 1.0 Provides the Department PO Requestor clarification for Attention To and Ship To at header level and line detail for carry over information. FI$Cal.119 07/09/2014
Using Standard Comments in a PO 1.2 Provides Department Buyers and Department PO Processors with instructions for entering standard comments in Purchase Orders. FI$Cal.050 10/03/2014
Using Standard Comments to Insert Terms and Conditions on a PO 1.0 Provides Department Buyers and Department PO Processors the instructions for inserting Department of General Services (DGS) terms and conditions on Purchase Orders (PO). FI$Cal.223 11/14/2014
Vendor Management Desk Manual 4.1 Provides the FI$Cal vendor record procedures for Department Vendor Processors (DVPs) and Central Vendor Processors (CVPs). FI$Cal.191 08/15/2014