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Labor Distribution - LD Job Aids


Job Aid Job Aid Description Job Aid # Posted / Updated
LD Reports within the FI$Cal System LD Report ID Matrix FI$Cal.080 02/13/2015

Adding New Employees to FI$Cal 2.0

Provides instructions for adding new employees to FI$Cal so they can be configured by a Business Unit. FI$Cal.207 09/29/2016
Configuring Benefit Type Options Provides steps to create and maintain Benefit Type Options. FI$Cal.181 08/19/2014
Configuring Business Unit Options Provides steps to create and maintain Business Unit Options. FI$Cal.163 08/15/2014
Provides steps to create and maintain Class Type Options.
Configuring Payment Type Options Provides steps to create and maintain Payment Type Options. FI$Cal.165 07/16/2014
Configuring Reporting Units 1.0 Provides steps to configure and maintain payroll Reporting Units. FI$Cal.311 09/29/2016
Configuring Serial Number Options Provides steps to create and maintain Serial Number Options. FI$Cal.166 07/16/2014

Correcting Enactment Year & Budget Date in Labor Distribution Transactions 2.0

Provides instructions on how to make corrections to the Enactment Year and the Budget Date to Labor Distribution (LD) Accounting Entries. FI$Cal.253 01/05/2017
Description of Accounting Entries Query Describes the data returned by the Labor Distribution query: ZZ_LD_ACCT_ENTRIES. FI$Cal.170 08/08/2014
Description of LD Payroll Queries Describes the data returned by the Labor Distribution queries: ZZ_LD_PAYROLL_HEADERS and ZZ_LD_PAYROLL_BENEFITS. FI$Cal.169 08/08/2014

Establishing New Year Labor Distribution Configuration Tables 2.0

As budgets are established for the new enactment year, departments must also establish Labor Distribution default chartfield configurations for the new enactment year. FI$Cal.255 07/20/2016
Handling Mid-Month Employee Configuration Changes 1.0 Describes the process for distributing employee payroll and benefit costs for employees that have a mid-month change in default chartfield configuration. FI$Cal.265 08/14/2015
How the Labor Distribution Process Determines the Account and Alternate Account for Distributing the Gross Pay Amount Explains the logic used by the Labor Distribution Process to assign Account/Alternate Account values to Accounting Entries with gross pay amounts. FI$Cal.171 08/14/2014
How the Labor Distribution Process Determines Chartfield Combinations for Distribution of Payroll Costs Describes the rules that control how Chartfield combinations are assigned to payroll costs. FI$Cal.172 08/01/2014
Running Labor Distribution Provides the steps to run the Labor Distribution Process. FI$Cal.184 08/12/2015
Using the Labor Distribution Error Reports and Page Provides instructions for using the Labor Distribution error reports and the Budget Check Exceptions page to research errors that prevent payroll costs from being distributed by the Labor Distribution Process. FI$Cal.084 01/12/2015

Using the Personal Activity Sheet Page 3.0

Describes how Personal Activity Sheets are maintained. FI$Cal.183 09/29/2016