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Budgets - BU Job Aids

NOTE: Job aids listed below will be “technical” only. The Department of Finance hosts all other business-related budget job aids at


Job Aid Job Aid Description Job Aid # Posted / Updated

Configuring Microsoft Excel Smart View Settings for Hyperion 4.0

Contains instructions for configuring the Smart View settings in Microsoft Excel for use with the Hyperion Planning Application. FI$Cal.079 09/06/2016
Deleting Data in a Budget Request and Deleting a Budget Request in Hyperion 2.0 Provides instructions to: (1) delete data in a Budget Request and (2) delete a Budget Request. FI$Cal.220 08/31/2016
Editing Budget Request Data Directly in Hyperion 2.0 Demonstrates how to edit a budget request directly in the Hyperion Planning Application. FI$Cal.117 08/31/2016

How to Enter a New Position Request in Hyperion 2.0

Provides the instructions for entering a request for new positions in Hyperion. FI$Cal.073 08/31/2016

How to Load a Document into Hyperion 2.0

Provides instructions for loading a document into the Hyperion Planning application. FI$Cal.160 08/30/2016

How to Open a Document in Hyperion 2.0

Provides instructions for accessing and opening a document in the Hyperion Planning application. FI$Cal.161 08/31/2016

Instructions for Clearing Browser Cache when Using Hyperion 2.0

Provides the instructions for clearing the web browser's cache when there are issues with system response in Hyperion. FI$Cal.213 08/30/2016

Instructions for Re-Enabling the Smart View Add-In for Excel 2.0

Provides the instructions for enabling Smart View in Microsoft Excel when it has been disabled. FI$Cal.215 08/30/2016

Setting Up User Preferences in the Hyperion Planning Application 2.0

Provides instructions for setting up user preferences and defaults in the Hyperion Planning Application. User preferences will be used throughout the system for display purposes and to provide default values. FI$Cal.077 08/31/2016

Uploading Budget Templates in Hyperion 1.0

Provides instructions to upload Budget Templates in Hyperion. FI$Cal.341 07/27/2017