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Asset Management - AM Job Aids


Job Aid Job Aid Description Job Aid # Posted / Updated

REVISED AM Reports within the FI$Cal System 2.0

AM Report ID Matrix FI$Cal.080 07/09/2018

Asset Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2.0

Provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Asset Management. FI$Cal.101 12/28/2017
Consolidating Multiple Purchase Order Line Items to a Single Asset ID 1.0 Provides the above listed roles instructions on how to consolidate non-project related multiple line items that alone are not assets. FI$Cal.020 07/10/2014
Correcting a Capitalized Error 1.0 Provides the Department Asset Processor the instructions on how to correctly reclassify a Capitalized Asset as Non-Capital when the dollar amount of the asset does not meet the capitalization threshold of $5,000.00. FI$Cal.093 06/27/2014

REVISED Correctly Classifying Items as Assets in FI$Cal 3.0

Provides instructions for classifying items as assets on a Requisition or Purchase Order. FI$Cal.002 07/12/2018
Create and Maintain Work in Progress (WIP) Assets 3.0 Provides the Department Project Processor, the Department PC Job Processor, the Department GL Journal Processor, and the Department Asset Processor the instructions for creating and maintaining WIP Assets in the System. FI$Cal.102 03/12/2018
REVISED Entering a Property Lease into FI$Cal for Payments 2.0 Provides Departments the instructions for entering their property leases (property lease agreements made with non-government entities), Capital or Operating into FI$Cal. Due to the SAM requirement (8342.3) to encumber the funds, property lease payments are to be entered in the Purchasing module. FI$Cal.378 07/09/2018
Entering and Retiring Fleet Assets in FI$Cal for the FAMS Interface (INFAM008) 1.0 Provides users with instructions on entering, updating and retiring fleet asset data in the FI$Cal Asset Management (AM) module for the interface to the Fleet Asset Management System (FAMS) 3.0. FI$Cal.379 05/10/2018
Generic AM Accounting Flows and Reconciliation Methods 1.1 Describes the flow of the accounting entries for a capital asset between the Accounts Payable module and the corresponding balancing accounting entries generated in Asset Management (AM). FI$Cal.036 07/10/2014

InterUnit Asset Transfer 2.0

Provides Asset Management (AM) personnel the instructions for transferring an asset to another Departmental Business Unit (BU) after the approval of the Std.158 by the Department of General Services (DGS). FI$Cal.177 11/14/2016

Purchase Order (PO) to Accounts Payable (AP) to Asset Management (AM) for Capital Asset 2.0

Provides users with instructions needed to:

• Set up a PO for a Capitalized Asset
• Follow through with the voucher (payment) in AP
• Show the asset integrated to the AM module

FI$Cal.246 04/10/2018
Record Proceeds from Sale of Assets 1.0 Provides instructions for how proceeds will be recorded in FI$Cal from the sale of assets. FI$Cal.039 07/28/2014

Retiring an Erroneously Entered or Duplicate Asset 2.0

Provides instructions on how to retire / dispose of an erroneous or duplicate asset that has been entered into Asset Management (AM). FI$Cal.092 05/09/2018
Updating an Asset to Split Funds 1.0 Provides Department Asset Processors and Department Asset Managers the instructions for updating an Asset Fund from a single Fund to two or more by splitting the applicable Chartfield values in the Asset Management (AM) module. FI$Cal.283 09/24/2015