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Accounts Receivable - AR Job Aids


Job Aid Job Aid Description Job Aid # Posted / Updated
AR Reports within the FI$Cal System AR Report ID Matrix FI$Cal.080 07/26/2014
Applying a Payment to a Direct Transfer Bill Provides description on how to create a deposit and apply payments to direct transfer bills. FI$Cal.152 07/10/2014
AR Remittance Query Macro Worksheet   FI$Cal.209 09/22/2014
Clearing a Salary Advance with an Employee’s Warrant 1.0 Describes how a department should record a deposit of an Employee�s Warrant to offset a salary advance associated with the employee. FI$Cal.044 07/28/2014
Correcting Accounting Errors Describes how to correct accounting errors once the invoice has been created and finalized. FI$Cal.025 07/07/2014
Correcting AR Applied Payments Describes how to unpost an AR item when it is paid through a Maintenance worksheet or a Payment worksheet. FI$Cal.239 03/12/2015
Correcting AR – Billing Budget Checking Errors 1.1 Describes how to check if billing transactions encountered budget checking errors after they have been finalized. FI$Cal.024 10/28/2014
Departments Depositing on Behalf of Other Departments 1.0 Provides the Department AR Payment Processor and Department AR Payment Approver the information to process receipt(s) that are coded to multiple Wave 1 departments and provides the steps to create a miscellaneous receipt that is coded to multiple Wave 1 departments. FI$Cal.175 09/11/2014
Direct Transfer Interagency Billing Provides Department Billing Processors and Department Billing Approvers the instructions to create and finalize a direct transfer bill for a Wave 1 department. FI$Cal.018 07/10/2014
Dishonored Check Processing for Remitted Payments in AR 1.0 Provides details on how to record a Customer Conversation and an invoice for a dishonored check payment from a customer within the Accounts Receivable and Billing modules. FI$Cal.021 07/11/2014
Explanation of AR and Billing Dates Spreadsheet explaining transactions and scenarios involving AR and billing dates. FI$Cal.042 08/01/2014
Payment Adjustment Transactions provides Role and Role the instructions for processors and approvers. FI$Cal.041 07/13/2014
Remittances – Entering Deposits and Running AR Reports for Remitting Cash to a State Fund 1.0 Describes how to create a deposit in FI$Cal and run AR report/queries. FI$Cal.210 09/18/2014
Reporting and Inquiring in AR1.0 Provides the instructions for reporting and inquiring in Accounts Receivable. FI$Cal.023 07/14/2014
Reviewing Billable Charges Interface Completions and Errors 1.0 Provides steps for the Department BI Processor to review interfaced billable charges transactions that are loaded into the staging tables, but did not pass the validations to be loaded into the Billing transactional tables. FI$Cal.019 07/08/2014
Reviewing Direct Transfer Voucher Coding Errors Provides steps for the Wave 1 Billing department to review the direct transfer vouchers that are in error due to ChartField coding or budget checking issues. FI$Cal.153 07/10/2014
Setting Up a Payroll AR from a Half Sheet 1.1 Provides the FI$Cal Accounts Receivable (AR) roles listed above the instructions for recording an Employee AR within the AR module, and how to record the abatement of the State�s share of taxes and benefits (TC38). FI$Cal.208 12/02/2014
Setting Up an AR for an Employee 1.0 Describes how a department should record an Employee Accounts Receivable within the Accounts Receivable module. FI$Cal.017 07/31/2014
Types of AR Worksheets Spreadsheet describing types of AR functions. FI$Cal.043 08/01/2014
Types of Payments and Deposits in Accounts Receivable (AR) 1.0

Describes how to record transactions impacting cash for receipt-related activity within FI$Cal. This is a ZIP file that contains the job aid document as well as a Payments and Deposits Excel matrix.

FI$Cal.040 07/07/2014