FI$Cal Leadership

A list of the leadership team driving the daily accomplishments and managing the Project to its goal of one integrated financial management system for the State of California.

Executive Team



Miriam Barcellona Ingenito


Neeraj Chauhan

Chief Deputy Director




  Joel Riphagen
Senior Advisor

Anastasia Baskerville
Chief Counsel


Deputy Director
Communications Division


Navin Arora

Deputy Director
Service Center and Portfolio Management Division

Mehdi Ghomeshi

Deputy Director
Business Operation and Solutions Division

Jennifer Maguire

Deputy Director
Administrative Division

Subbarao Mupparaju

Deputy Director
Information Technology Division


Partner Business Executives


Richard Handewith

Department of General Services

Susan Hansen

Department of Finance

Cathy Leal

State Controller's Office

Shela Tobias-Daniel

State Treasurer's Office