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Laurye Brownfield

Partner Business Executive, State Controller's Office


Laurye Brownfield has been appointed as the new FI$Cal Partner Business Executive (PBE) for the State Controller’s Office (SCO) replacing Dorothy Cottrill who retired in November. Laurye has been the Assistant PBE for SCO on the Project since March of 2013.

Laurye started with SCO in August 2006 and spent time in the Information Systems Division as one of the Assistant Division Chiefs. She also serviced SCO as project manager of the 21st Century Project. Prior to starting at SCO she worked for the Department of Child Support Services where she played an important role as the Interfaces Branch Chief on the California Child Support Automation System project and at the Franchise Tax Board where she was involved in a number of projects and applications including the Student Load Collection Program and the Child Support Recovery system.

Laurye holds a Bachelors’ of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento with a minor in Human Resources Management. She is also a certified Project Management Professional.


Project Leadership



Partner Business Executives

Deputy Directors


  • Mehdi Ghomeshi, Deputy Director,
    Business Operation and Solutions Division
  • Navin Arora, Deputy Director,
    Service Center and Portfolio Management Division